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Mobile Denture Services - the leading provider of mobile denture care


Eric Kim DD   


I won’t forget the first time I visited a nursing home in Toronto. There was an extensive list of patients who were not receiving the proper denture care they required. It wasn’t because of financial problems but mostly because there weren’t many denturists and dental care providers that offered house-call services. I soon found out that many of my colleagues do not offer house-call services because each appointments required much longer hours, often increased material cost, added driving in traffic and comparably reduced outcome of the treatment which often leads to less satisfaction and appreciation from the patient and family. Finding this lack of support, I told myself “somebody has to do this” I have always put myself first as a healthcare provider. If there is need, I want to be there to provide it and that is why I came up with Mobile Denture Services. We put our effort in serving numerous nursing homes and hospitals within the GTA and surrounding areas. Patients who are seeking denture care can call us directly. Referrals are not needed. 

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